Chaotao Clothing Co., Ltd. is now producing orders for down jackets
Here a special reminder of down jacket customization should pay attention to the following aspects.

1, the amount of down and down filling: you should buy the right amount of down and down filling for your needs. Down jacket custom down content is generally 70% and above is appropriate, with a certain degree of fluffiness and softness. The amount of down filling is related to the degree of warmth of the down jacket, should be determined according to their own needs to wear.

2, anti-drilling performance: down jacket custom lining material should have anti-drilling performance. A shot, found drill down down products are definitely inferior. Because of the down has a soft and smooth characteristics, a small amount of down from the stitching overflow is normal.

3, style: new, chic, modest, generous, practical, to take off type is good.

4, resilience: the fluffy down jacket snap, and then loosened, quickly rebound, back to the original state, the fluffiness of the down is good. If the down content is low, mixed with a certain amount of hair or crushed hair, resilience is poor, and feel the down jacket carry in the hands of a heavy feeling.

5, breathability: down jacket can not drill down, but also to have a certain degree of breathability, such as down jacket fabric, lining, bile material breathability is poor, one is not easy to wear the process of water vapor, causing moisture and feel uncomfortable, not warm. The second is not easy to dry after washing, the above two factors will make the down in the damp conditions and varying degrees of deterioration, emitting odor.

6, price: generally moderate price is appropriate, such as the price is too low, the down inherent quality can not be guaranteed, easy to produce a variety of quality disputes

7, accessories: a down jacket, there are many accessories, such as zippers, metal buckles, etc., whether beautiful, smooth, elastic appropriate.

8, smell: smell, close to the down products for a deep breath, smell the smell inside, avoid buying heavy taste pungent goods, but because it is animal feathers, there is a certain smell is normal.

CHAOTAO clothing special reminder of customers, custom down jacket must find a professional down jacket custom company, to ensure the quality of down jacket!