The reason why the sweatshirt type workwear is becoming more and more popular and sought after by everyone, which is inseparable from its own advantageous characteristics. Of course, the celebrity effect has also played a great role. For example, the high-collared black round-necked sweatshirt designed by Issey Miyake that Steve Jobs loved really whipped up a sweatshirt workwear trend.

But for people who work, the choice of work clothes is not only based on their own preferences, but may also be required to show some company spirit such as decency, generosity and formality. Sweatshirts may be more playful, as opposed to professional workwear and suit shirts and the like, but a well-designed sweatshirt, with a nice version and not fancy, you still dare to say it is not solemn enough. Think of Steve Jobs wearing that black sweatshirt for his speeches on how many major occasions, handsome!

The sweatshirt is suitable for fall, winter and early spring wear work clothes, reflected in its civilian price and seasonal adaptability. The climate difference between the north and the south, many cities in the north have heating systems, so regular access to the office will increase and delete clothing, sweatshirt work clothes in addition to easy to put on and take off, fleece models of sweatshirt can play a good role in the warmth of the wind, but also convenient for people to move, can do both light and warm role. Compared to the decent suit is not so formal and more expensive, compared to the T-shirt and shirt is also more warm and comfortable.

Aesthetically pleasing and stylish

Sweatshirt workwear is arguably the most universally applicable of all workwear styles, and it can really be used in a wide range of industries, basically without much restriction. Whether it is in the fashion trend industry or in the leisure service industry, or in the internet technology industry, it can meet the requirements of various people very well. The pattern style of the sweatshirt determines its dress style temperament, and the various wearing styles show its very superior performance.

Sweatshirt workwear can also be said to be one of the highest value workwear, or you can call it the workwear that is least like “workwear”. Whether it’s a casual place at home or on the street, you can see the figure of the sweatshirt everywhere. However, because of this, it has become one of the most popular work clothes for employees to wear. Even if the sweatshirt has the company logo printed on it, there is no need to worry about it at all, and a thin jacket can be worn directly outside, so that you can’t see that it is a work shirt at all, which keeps you warm and looks good. And now there are many companies that design sweatshirt work clothes that are also very fashionable and beautiful, so they have become the work clothes that many employees love to wear when they go to work and leave work.

Notes on the customization of casual workwear in autumn and winter

So since it is a sweatshirt “workwear”, in the process of customizing sweatshirts, you should also pay attention to distinguish workwear from advertising shirts. Usually, the positioning of advertising shirts lies in a kind of advertising campaign, focusing on communication, which may not pay much attention to quality because of the huge quantity and multiple recycling. While cultural shirts and workwear should be customized from the point of view of the comfort and durability of the employees wearing them, consider choosing some higher grade and better quality of sweatshirt workwear, and also should pay attention to the shape of the sweatshirt workwear and the design of the whole logo pattern.

In the current era of face value, some consumer concepts have changed tremendously. As an important performance tool to reflect the overall spirit and external image of an enterprise, workwear should show the core values and taste of the enterprise to customers, not just some fancy advertising words.

Many companies that customize their casual work wear in autumn and winter at CHAOTAO have a unique design and color matching, plus CHAOTAO’s high quality and cost effective base shirts, which are welcomed by the company’s staff, and this is a reflection of the importance the company attaches to its staff, while it is best to customize thin and thick models or customize 2 pieces of work wear for staff replacement.