How should silk pajamas be cleaned?

1, silk is highly hygroscopic, when not worn, it is best to fold flat in a drawer or hang with a smooth hanger and keep the ventilation, while paying attention to storage and try to avoid and easy to fade or stain the items put together.

2, storage do not put desiccant, etc., these are chemicals, easy to damage the silk, affecting the wearing life. Especially white silk, encounter these more will make the clothes fabric yellowing.

3, after wearing if sweating must be washed in time, overnight then the clothes are easy to fade yellow.

4, because the silk fabric is more delicate, washing machine cleaning, it is easy to lead to shrinkage, fabric hair, whitening and other problems, so it is best to hand wash, while paying attention to wash gently, do not rub.

5, silk cleaning advice is best to use a special laundry detergent, or a weak acid shampoo or body wash cleaning. Because ordinary laundry detergent is generally alkaline, it will make the silk wrinkles, hard, brittle, yellow, faded, etc..

6, silk clothing should not be washed in the sun, should be placed in a cool, ventilated place to dry, because the sun’s ultraviolet rays, easy to make silk fabrics yellowing, fading, aging.