Each piece of private custom-made clothing is a fine product polished by time, from design, material selection, pattern making, sewing, finishing and ironing to completion requires a lot of effort to grind the human process, complex production, which is often unimaginable. It needs a unique fabric to find the most comfortable skin feel, the most appropriate version, it needs to accurately measure more than 20 body part sizes to achieve the best fit with the version, he needs to go through 58 production processes to ensure a perfect three-dimensional sense.

When the dynamic production process is finally solidified into a beautiful garment, how many times of repair and trial and error are behind this fixed garment? The difficulty of the technology lies in the complexity of the details. It is not the grand idea that is tested, but how each detail should be handled. The artisanal spirit of Heshin Image private customization tests the enthusiasm, patience, and logic of the designer and the master tailor. It is not only physical work; it is also mental work. Not only do they have to overcome unknown difficulties, but also have to solve a series of obstacles and problems that pop up for no reason, and more often than not, they have to face frustration; they have to go through countless tests before a good idea and design can finally be solidified into a perfect work, and only at the moment when the work is born will all the efforts be rewarded.

Why choose Chaotao custom-made?

Some people say, “Dressing is the same as doing something, also divided into realms of high and low, at some point, the highest level of dressing is the unity of people and clothes.” Indeed, there is a saying: what suits you is the best. Wouxin Image private customization is about one person, one version, unique. The customer is involved in the whole process of making the clothes, and He Xin Image takes the customer’s own characteristics and preferences as the starting point, showing the customer’s own unique style and taste.

Tide customization for the user groups are mainly successful people, urban nouveau riche, urban white-collar workers, people who care about taste and personality, and some people with special needs.