There are many styles of leather clothing, starting with the most basic part: the leather.

Common leather materials: sheepskin, goatskin, cowhide, horsehide, deerskin. But also a class of leather, different parts, processing, thickness, the effect on the body is also different. Of course, the general rule is there, sheepskin is relatively soft and thin. Goatskin is a little wider, but also considered relatively light. Cowhide is relatively thicker, more supple texture, and often more shiny. And horsehide is brighter than cowhide, but also usually a little harder.

Now let me explain one by one


Sheep seems to be a very gentle animal, and the leather has a similar feel, soft and skin-friendly. In general, sheepskin thickness will be on the thin side, after all, sheepskin on the figure of a comfortable floating, too thick and heavy will be constrained. But there are also thicker models, with a better drape, but the requirements for the production is much higher.

This is a great way to get the most out of your life.

It’s a good idea to mention that the fur is just a process, sheepskin, cowhide and deerskin can all be made into fur.

Sheepskin jacket, thick and soft

The best sheepskin in general is the nappa lambskin from Tuscany, Italy, which is soft like silk, delicate like fat, and usually made light to reflect the skin-friendly texture. The surface is moderately shiny and oily, but not as shiny as horsehide.


Goatskin and sheepskin are generally similar, but goatskin is usually a bit stiffer and more brittle, and therefore more durable than sheepskin (sheepskin is less durable due to its softness). The other thing is that goatskin usually has a more pronounced texture and is a bit rougher, but of course, it can be removed through processing.

If you make it into fur, there is no texture.


Cowhide is considered the most common leather, the reason is also simple, one production is large enough, two indicators are more balanced, there is no shortcomings, good processing, do thin do thick, do soft do hard, can be. So for cowhide, the origin is more important, different origin of the species and processing process is different, made the skin. U.S.-made cowhide is usually rough and heavy, and Italy’s to soft and shiny, Japan tends to be more about the original skin appearance, do not do too much processing. China-made, it is cheaper.

Some softened treatment of cowhide, softness is no less than the thick section of sheepskin, but the touch, cowhide or to be tighter, more weight, and sheepskin, touch a little slack.

Horse skin

Horse skin belongs to the more “hardcore” leather, the characteristics of well, three words: hard, heavy, bright. The comfort of the upper body is definitely discounted, but really buy horse leather people, often do not care so much about the comfort. I’ve tried that particularly thick and heavy style, and that’s a sore point.

There are also relatively soft styles
Generally speaking, American horse leather are thick and hard, while Italian horse leather is relatively soft and thin, Japanese horse leather is also on the thick side, but usually softer than the United States. But to be honest, even if it is the same factory leather, the final texture is also quite different, not to mention the different manufacturers, so the origin of the characteristics of well, that is to say a general.


Deerskin is a bit of sheepskin and cowhide combination of feeling, like sheepskin soft, but also stronger than sheepskin, but also more heavy. Deerskin soft is loose, sheepskin is often light and soft more floating, and deerskin has a sense of flesh, sheepskin is more like draped on the body, and deerskin has a sense of wrapping, seems warm and comfortable.

The fleshiness of deerskin is very suitable for this vintage loose leather jacket

It’s not enough to have the right skin, you also have to have a style that fits with the leather. That sheepskin does not hold up to the heavy biker jacket, and it’s weird to use thick horse skin to make a light summer hunting outfit. The most common, or a variety of jackets, but other styles, too, are available