By 2025, the custom T-shirt market is expected to grow to $3 billion. So now is the perfect time to open a clothing store. There are several ways to find the best supplier of custom t-shirts, but the most cost-effective way is to work with a direct manufacturer with the lowest starting quantity. If you’re want to start a t-shirt business, don’t miss the best t-shirt manufacturers.

In addition, some private-label t-shirt manufacturers offer wholesale prices for t-shirts. So if you’re good at buying t-shirts in bulk, you can go to a t-shirt wholesaler.

Custom t shirt vs print on demand manufacturers

Print on demand Manufacturers: Print on demand t-shirt manufacturers provide you with a beginner-friendly model generator and create + delivery for you. This means you can simply list t-shirts in your direct shipping store, and when the order arrives, the manufacturer will complete it with your invoice. You can order as little as 1 product and receive bulk discounts. POD is a great way to sell custom t-shirts without huge investment.

Custom clothing manufacturers: If you want to stock up in retail stores, wholesale bulk t-shirt manufacturers are good. Although design flexibility is limited, you will buy these products at a cheaper price. So if you have a piece (but take into account the amazing t-shirt design), bulk wholesale will be a good choice.

What are the other ways to find custom t shirt manufacturers?

You can easily use search engines to find high-quality custom T-shirt manufacturers for domestic or maritime goods. However, if you cannot find the manufacturer that best suits your needs, you can use one of the following methods:

Sourcing website – Sourcing website lists verified sellers from all over the world. You can easily find a variety of t-shirt manufacturers.

Online catalog – Another great way to find t-shirt manufacturers is to use online catalogs, which will help you achieve direct shipping and inventory-based business models. These directories review vendors and list them.

Parcel forwarding service – You can use parcel forwarding service if the manufacturer of your choice limits its delivery to a specific country. Once the garment supplier sends the product to them, they redirect the goods to your location.

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Professional custom T-shirt manufacturer in China

CHAOTAO have 20 years of T-shirt manufacturing experience and provide one-stop service to our customers. We have 10 professional designers, more than 100 experienced garment production workers and the latest apparel printing equipment to meet the production requirements of various T-shirt orders.

Why choose CHAOTAO as your custom T-shirt manufacturer

There are many manufacturers of custom T-shirts in the world, the quality of the T-shirts produced varies, so it is important to choose a professional, high-quality manufacturer of custom T-shirts.

How do I work with a custom t-shirt manufacturer?

  1. Browse the website of a custom t-shirt manufacturer

We can search many T-shirt manufacturers’ websites through Google Browser and find you the right T-shirt manufacturer with a description of the content on the site.

  1. Business Communication

Contact the T-shirt manufacturer by e-mail or phone for an initial understanding of the customization requirements.

  1. Choose fabric, design T-shirt style

Create a sample plan based on the logo and T-shirt styles provided by the customer and locate the fabric requested by the customer.

  1. Get a Quote

After determining the customization requirements of the T-shirt, the T-shirt manufacturer will start costing, give the customer a formal quote and negotiate and confirm the final price.

  1. Making T-shirt samples

After the customer has no objection to the manufacturer’s quotation, the manufacturer will produce a complete sample according to the customer’s request and send it to the customer. If the customer is not satisfied with the sample after receiving the sample, the sample can be recreated until the customer is satisfied.

  1. Margin Payment

After confirmation of the T-shirt sample, the customer and the manufacturer enter into a purchase contract, after the contract is sealed, receive fax or scanned parts and receive a deposit.

  1. Mass Production

Upon receipt of the deposit, the T-shirt manufacturer began purchasing the fabrics and accessories needed for production and prepared to begin mass production.

  1. Transport

Finished T-shirts are packaged and boxed, ready to be shipped through the logistics company to the customer’s address.

In addition, you can click on our apparel production process to see our order of production.


What kinds of printing processes are available for custom T-shirt manufacturers?

There are four main types of T-shirt printing: screen printing, stamping, digital printing and embroidery.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most commonly used T-shirt printing technology, in store to buy 90% of T-shirts are screen printing, screen printing technology is relatively complex, there are four steps: design, production plate, printing, drying.

The principle of screen printing is like sunlight through the gap of leaves, unobstructed slurry through the delicate mesh, printed on T-shirts, printing process by adding some special materials in the slurry, can make different printing effects to meet the special needs of customers.

Screen printing is characterized by the need to create an additional plate for each color, the screen will affect the final effect, the more screen, the higher the print quality. It is ideal for a large number of T-shirts.

Thermal stamping

The stamping is printed on heat transfer paper (commonly known as stamping paper), when needed, cover the heat transfer paper on the T-shirt, put in the heat transfer machine (stamping machine) heating and pressing for a few seconds, transfer the pattern to the T-shirt; Thermal setting ink printing is using special thermal setting ink directly printed on the T-shirt pattern, and then put into infrared drying equipment to dry, in the process, the ink particles melt, so that the T-shirt fibers firmly together.

stamping unlike screen printing every color needs to be reproduced, Multiple colors can be printed simultaneously, the color of the T-shirt is unlimited. Suitable for color, gradient color, not suitable for large areas of pattern, Because the printing of the stamping feels gel-like, Not breathable, so not suitable for printing large areas of patterns.

Digital Direct Injection Printing

Digital direct printing technology is the use of digital printers to print the patterns we need directly on a variety of materials. Before using digital direct printing, we can save a lot of time when customizing a T-shirt, and no matter how complex the color pattern can be printed, is ideal for individual custom T-shirts.

Using digital direct spray technology printing T-shirt pattern feel good, there is no gel-like feeling, and the color and size of the pattern is not limited.


Computer embroidery requires designers to design the desired embroidery pattern, input it into the computer, adjust the machine, computer embroidery machine automatically embroidered the pattern on the back of the input computer fabric.

Computer embroidery changes a single traditional fabric; Traditional fabrics are very monotonous and plain looking, while computer embroidery can add a variety of suitable patterns to traditional fabrics, making fabrics beautiful and practical.

Computer embroidery machine can be mass production, high yield, high efficiency, fast, can save a lot of time cost for customers.

Whether embroidery fabric, collar or lace pattern, machine embroidery made of embroidery products are very uniform and neat, three-dimensional fashion.

Computer embroidered fabric decoration can be used as clothing fabrics, home textile fabrics and decorative fabrics, testing industry is very extensive.