In general, the original A-1 jacket itself is not as popular as the A-2, perhaps because it did not catch the World War (A-1 to World War II basically withdrew from active service). The Italians took away the overly military elements of the A-1 jacket and created a more everyday A-1 jacket, the Valstarino, with thin leather and fine craftsmanship, making it one of the hallmarks of the Italian clothing industry.
Hunting jacket

Leather itself has a rugged taste, and the leather jacket always gives a wilderness air, rather than the kind of fancy clothes in the candlelight of the party.

For soldiers, workers, leather jacket is to be thick and tough, with the strength of a working man. While for the gentry, leather clothes are flowing and elegant, so they will wear hunting clothes, practical and not overly flashy.

Hunting clothes are usually made of light sheep-turned fur, in the Victorian era, European aristocratic explorers often wore such clothes embarked on Africa, naturally, the clothes should be both light and durable. The pockets on the top of the hunting suit are also many, four pockets is the average level. The collar has a stand-up collar and a lapel, and some will also have a suit-style barge, looking more like a short trench coat.

Leather trench coat

I was under the impression that most of those who wore leather trench coats were secret agents (wrong). Well, the fur is still relatively everyday, the glossy leather trench coat always has a sense of uniform, either Cheka or Gestapo. The main or leather trench coat looks harsh, villainous temperament slightly thick, depending on personal preferences

Leather Suit

Leather suit is also a classic style, but the requirements of the suit fabric, leather is not quite suitable, mainly because leather can not be on some structure, but also can not do ironing treatment, the effect is often unsatisfactory, and I myself feel that leather is always a bit gritty texture, do not match the suit a bit.

Motorcycle jacket

diagonal zip jacket

The image of Marlon Brando in “The Bikers” is one of my earliest menswear enlightenment. One of my big dreams at the time was to get the same biker jacket. It’s just that the living expenses will be two thousand a month at that time, I can only think about it. I have to say, I had really good taste at the time. The diagonal zipper motorcycle jacket is probably the most classic jacket style, not only the leather brand loves to do it, but many fashion brands also need the diagonal pull jacket every year.

Of course, the orientation of motorcycle jackets made by leather clothing brands and fashion brands is quite different. I think old styles like schott vanson are relatively loose and tough, and they have to have meat to support them. And slp is much more self-cultivation, and it is also lighter and thinner, not rough.

straight zip jacket

Straight zipper jackets are basically the same below the collar. One is the stand-up collar, generally called café racer, and the other is the lapel, generally called highwayman. Of course, there are other names, but this is just one of the more classic versions.

British motorcycle jacket

The British motorcycle jacket is more like a short windbreaker, the length is to the crotch, and a belt is added to prevent the wind from being stabbed up and down. There are usually outside pockets with lids. It feels more elegant and conservative, not as arrogant as the big slanted pulls that Americans like. The British always do things like this, even if they are motorcycle jackets, what the British do is to be subtle.

military jacket

Generally speaking, military leather jackets refer to the military uniforms of the American Empire. This kind of leather jacket is really well made by Americans, which is atmospheric and practical. Generally, military jackets have ribbed cuffs and hem for wind protection, and usually have large pockets at the waist. The version is loose, and it does not close the waist very much. After all, it is a uniform, and everyone needs to wear it. Of course, there are now improved models made by fashion brands, which look a lot slimmer


The A2 jacket was the standard uniform of the U.S. Air Force in World War II, but it was the old-fashioned Army Red Deer who forced Marshal MacArthur to wear this jacket. Why do you say that this person is pretending to be a perpetrator? Usually, he likes to have a corncob pipe when he has nothing to do, but in fact, he never smokes, and the pipe is always on display. Mai Dashuai’s standard attire is a big-brimmed hat, a corncob pipe, and an A-2 jacket, which is quite handsome, and he also has two brushes (actually, a considerable number of people think that he is just bragging… …), which also ignited the A-2 jacket.