Custom Activewear Manufacturers

Some of the benefits of chaotaogarment as a custom sportswear manufacturer

●We are a professional and eco-friendly apparel manufacturer

●We’ve been making custom workout clothes since 2005
●We will make your clothing line with fabrics made of biodegradable materials and we will make it in the most logical way
●All the fabrics we use are under our strict control
●We have a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) : 100 pieces in any size in various designs/colors

You can learn all about what we do in terms of environmental and social responsibility on the “CHAOTAO Garment Manufacturers” page.
In short, our workers are paid above the national minimum wage, we buy certified organic and rapidly biodegradable yarns, and we use the most environmentally friendly fabric coloring methods.

We are able to achieve faster turnaround times because we work closely with our fabric mills. If you are interested in sportswear, please visit our sportswear page.

Custom Activewear Manufacturers

Sustainable Activewear Manufacturer

Working with sustainable activewear manufacturers, you’ll be able to give your customers the most flattering, body-designed technical sportswear for three reasons.

We are a sustainable activewear manufacturer, and when it comes to custom apparel, we always have our lead designer input first.
We have the machines and designers to provide full customization
Since 2005, we have helped many sportsmen and women design their clothing and they are very happy with it.

Making custom sportswear has been our job since 2005, and every piece of sportswear you see on our website is designed by our head designer himself, even a plain looking t-shirt.

Custom Fabrics Professionals

Custom Fabrics Professionals

We have an award-winning textile expert in our ranks: Mr. lion-Lai. During the glory days of our textile industry, Mr. Lai was awarded the Golden Plum Award. Both times for innovation in circular knitting (these awards are like the Oscars of the Chinese textile industry). Thanks to his expertise, we are able to create and recreate almost any knitting pattern requested by our customers.

He is the designer of our Lion fabric, which is designed to bring 200% of the graded performance of sweat absorption at 70% of the weight of marketed sportswear fabrics.

Custom Activewear Manufacturer in China

Activewear Manufacturers Case Study

The most compelling operation of our custom apparel partnership is the ability for customers to work on our
lab case observation study.

In our lab you’ll learn how fabric experts help us get their garments adjusted to perfection.

Activewear Manufacturers: One-Stop-Shop for All Your Brand’s Needs

When you choose top activewear manufacturer, you can complete the production process in all 3 of our factories. This means faster production and smoother quality.

Let’s see what the whole production process is really about.

●Pattern cutting and grading
●Printing: You can choose what printing method we use
●Stitching and embroidery
●Quality control and packaging
●Our customer service provides consultation throughout the process

In addition to sportswear and active wear, we also produce casual wear and various types of streetwear.

* Orders from remote areas will be handled by an external distribution service provider.

Machines that Ensure Perfect Custom Activewear

In our factory, every garment starts with a computerized sewing machine. With them, we can customize the fabrics to our heart’s content. We can adjust their GSM values, or make changes in pre-designed knitting patterns. Some of these include: single knit, double pile, and ribbing.

To make sure the garments don’t warp and rip, we use flat seamers. These machines are the prerequisite for the flat seam process. Without flat seams, your sportswear will feel more chafed. And, we have dozens of flat seam machines in one factory.

It is very important for custom apparel to have dye printers and calendering machines. With these machines, many designs can be transferred to the fabric many times through the equipment. Multiple fantastic colors can be achieved and very much balanced with tenacity.
Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you need more information from us, please fill out the super short contact form at the bottom of the page.


What is your MOQ (minimum order quantity)?

Our MOQ is 100 pcs per style/colour in any size. This means that you must order at least 100 pcs for each design and/or colour but in those 100 pcs you can have as many sizes as you want.

Do you provide sampling services?

Yes, that’s the cornerstone of our business model because we mostly operate as a custom clothing manufacturer.

What is the sample lead time?

That depends on the complexity of the order. Usually no longer than 4—7 days.