Find Best Clothing Manufacturer to Start A Clothing Line

CHAOTAO has more than 20+ years experience by providing professional clothing OEM/ODM services to meet different customers’ requirement. We are specialized in t-shirts, dress shirts, hoodies, suits, sweaters, pajamas,etc. We have passe dlifferent kinds of audits and are all equipped with advanced machines, excellent tech persons and skillful workers.

Our mission is to provide best service to our customers and concentrate on building a long-termpartnership with our customers which leading us to create a win-win situation . We are committeto putting our customers as the first priority , by providing high quality products , integrity , honestyand accountability in our worldwide business

Why Do You Choose Us?

Professional Design Team & Sales

Our design team focus on developing sports wear, all products support customization. We specializing in high quality t-shirts, polo shirts, etc.

20+ Years of Export Experience

We have offered our products to over 100 countries and reaions, which allow us to accumulate abundant successful experience from our clients.

Q & C

5 Times quality inspection before packing. And we will also take video for you.

On Time Delivery

Each Product is arranged with precise production stepswithout any delay.

T-shirts Clothing Manufacturer

Do you want to launch a t-shirts clothing line but don’t know where to start? We’ve have the teams that can meet your demand. Get it made in China and work with us to manufacturer your custom T-shirts.

custom t-shirts

Custom Dresses Manufacturer

Are you looking to launch a dresses brand? With custom dresses manufacture, it’s easier than ever before to start up your own dresses business and produce some of the most popular dresses, such as jersey dress, wedding dresses, etc. Work with our team to create an exclusive dresses line for your brand.

Hoodie & Activewear Manufacturer

Do you have a great idea to start your own activewear brand? We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you get their custom made clothing with the best manufacturers. Let us help streamline your clothing process, so that you can focus on growing your hoodie & activewear brand.

custom hoodies manufacturer

How many items do you need to start a clothing line?

How many items to produce within each style frame, get a few sample first. Start with an equal amount of each style and if one style gains popularity, order more of that particular clothing.

Is it hard to make your own clothing line?

Starting a successful fashion clothing business can be challenging. It requires a combination of creativity, business knowledge, and hard work. However, find top clothing manufacturers, and work with them, custom clothing it’s possible.

How do you manufacture a piece of clothing?

Manufacturing clothing common with following steps:
1. Start materials sourcing, pattern design, and get sampling.
2. Making production planning.
3. Clothing manufacturing and quality control.
4. Delivery

How do you manufacture your own clothing line?

1. Identify a need in the market.
2. Develop a business plan.
3. Identify your target audience.
4. Start designing your clothing.
5. Find a top clothing manufacturer.
6. Choose a brand name, logo.
7. Choose a price point for your clothing.
8. Begin the marketing process.

How to Start Custom Clothing

If you are a store owner or brand, you can ask your clothing manufacturer to provide you with these services

You need find a clothing brand manufacturer who can customize clothes, not to go wholesale and buy at low prices and then put on your own company logo, because the only way to have a brand reputation is to have your own characteristics, and a store with all kinds of clothes to choose from is the perfect store

CHAOTAO can do all of these things and you may be interested to know our minimum order quantity(MOQ). It is 100 pieces/design/color, any size.

The professionals at Custom Clothing Manufacturing can certainly offer you some advice

Practicality and environmental friendliness must be one of them.

For example, why is this fabric more environmentally friendly than others, and what are the alternatives to traditional dyeing? Which fabrics have excellent sweat-absorbing capabilities? These are all questions that your supplier needs to answer.

Great Choice of Fabrics – Another Custom Clothing Manufacturers’ Must-Have

Generally speaking, clothing suppliers are able to make their own fabrics

If they don’t, it doesn’t hurt
But the more they can make their own fabrics, the more they can prove that they have a deeper grasp of the industry, again showing that they are trustworthy. With CHAOTAO you get fabrics that we make ourselves.
What cannot be questioned is that we make the fabric! Organic cotton, bamboo, polyester. These are the fabrics we can produce!
You can go to our fabrics page to learn more about the quality and variety of our fabrics.

Customization Facilitation with Sublimation Printing

But what printing technique should we choose when reproducing a graphic design onto a clothing? We choose heat sublimation, which is especially true for garments that need to be breathable, such as sportswear and fitness wear, and this technique does not allow the design to partially block the skin. So no matter what the size of the design, the breathability of the garment will still be maximized. Learn more about this process on our print page.

Choose The Best Clothing Manufacturer for Your Clothing Brand

CHAOTAO as a responsible professionals clothing manufacturer, takes care of all the manufacturing elements, so you don’t need worry about the process of manufacturing. Our teams have everything covered for you once you send us with all the requirements that you have about custom clothing that you need. We have the state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, and we offer all clothing manufacturer services for your clothing brand.