Custom T-shirt Manufacturers

If you want your brand logo to stand out among apparel brands when it comes to designing graphics and logos. Our quality custom printing graphics technology and dyeing technology can give you the private label what you want. You can contact us to get your order, we order at least 100 pieces.

High-quality T-shirt Manufacturer to Make Your Own t shirts

You need a T-shirt manufacturer that supports customization, like we do.

As one of the best T Shirt manufacturers in China, we truly understand the needs of our clients. We listening in the customer needs carefully, which makes us can provide the high-quality custom T-shirts according to their needs.

We make your own T-shirt business simpler, eliminating all the hassles in produce. What made us the best custom t-shirt manufacturers are over 20 years of experience in the clothing industry and process to design, customize and create a finished t-shirt with high-quality details.

We are a factory of clothing manufacturers with an eco-responsible and sustainable philosophy, specializing in developing and producing high-quality garments in China. Our teams includes clothing designers, cutters, textile engineers, seamstresses and quality controllers. We not only work with well known clothing brands, and also support new brands to help they start a t-shirt business.

Custom T-shirt Manufacturers

What else can you customize on a CHAOTAO t-shirt

  • Type and design of a neckline tape and back label
  • Type of sleeve hemming in terms of number of stitches, different fabrics, piping insert and colours
  • Additional details like making multi-part sleeves from different fabrics, similar to what you see on this t-shirt

You can choose a different variant

  • Mandarin, polo or henley collar
  • A set-in or raglan sleeve
  • Zipped or buttoned placket
  • Shape and size of the yoke
  • Diameter and position of the armholes

If you are a newbie or you are not good at designing, let me know and I will be happy to suggest a solution for you

  • You can give the pattern you think has the most potential and contact us
  • We will provide you with all kinds of our previous designs
  • We will design random patterns, you just need to pick

Custom Blank T-shirt Manufacturer

Blank t shirts are ideal for basic clothing sales. We are blank apparel wholesale manufacturer. You can customize your designs blank t-Shirts and even custom the fabric which you need.

Whether it’s custom screen printing or your private label clothing, we own with the best expertise to deliver the custom service that you need in your clothing lines. Blank t shirts for sale direct from the manufacturer, we offer you a wide range of options in terms of styles, sizing, colors, fabrics, and much more.

T-shirt Manufacturer Private Label

When you choose to work with CHAOTAO, you will keep in mind the quality of our work. We offer quality private labeling, and carefully pack each order.

Add private label is perfect to your clothing, customer will love seeing just how much personality your custom t shirt. By adding your logo to our variety of T-shirt styles which carries your own unique private label and to build brand loyalty. Custom private label T-shirts are a great way to make your own T-shirt brand and stand out as a genuine T-shirt brand.

With our custom t-shirt service, we offer an affordable and high-quality way for you to showcase your brand. Every t shirt we deliver is made to order, and every piece we deliver is something that high-quality.

Who Should Use Custom T-shirt Manufacturer to Start Your Own T-shirt Brand?

If you are the event side of the marathon or a marathon brand, please let us know in advance as the fabric has to be very light and sweat absorbent to meet the functional requirements. We have a patented fabric for this purpose, and I will explain it in more detail for you at that time.

Most of the online socialites are selling their signature clothing and custom t-shirt makers can help them with their exquisite customization. This includes having the collar with their brand’s label on it. Buttons with their name and logo on them, a logo zipper, and a collar with their branded label on it. Buttons with their name on them to add value to their garments

If you are a cultural company, you need to customize your employees’ clothing to make it more prominent and chic, which will make your customers recognize your cultural atmosphere more.
If your employees wear ordinary clothes when they travel, such details will make your clients feel that your company is not worthy of its name.

Types of T-shirt You Can Customize with

We can customize up to eleven or twelve types of T-shirts, and we can customize most of the T-shirts on the market.

If you would like us to produce other styles of clothing for you, of course you can. We have a professional design team that can make garments based on your garment samples.

Is It Profitable to Sell T-shirts?

T-shirts are the most common clothing in life, there’s nothing bigger in the fashion industry than the T-shirt. 93% of the world’s people own a t shirt in 2022, 62% of American own with ten t-shirts. And $50 Billion USD sales revenue for T-shirts Projected for 2023.

How Much Does It Cost to Make Your Own T-shirt Brand?

The cost of manufacturing a garment is determined by the manufacturing steps required to make it. Each step has hidden costs in terms of time spent, necessary skills of workers, materials/machinery/energy used.

Depending on the volume of orders, there may be some discounts available because large orders are not only stable, but also reduce downtime, which is a hidden cost to the manufacturer.

What Is the Best T-shirts Manufacture

Determine if you need to choose this custom clothing company based on the following data

Your target market
Whether the manufacturer is ethical
Whether the manufacturer is experienced to deal with unexpected situations
The level of mechanization and size of the factory

T-Shirt Manufacturers and Automation

For any clothing brand, choosing the top clothing manufacturer to work with is a vital step in achieving a quality clothing at a reasonable price for your t-shirt business. The t-shirt manufacturing processes is a fast and automated process that enables you to achieve larger order quantities in shorter lead times. There are many t-shirt manufacturers both in the usa and overseas that can produce a variety of custom t-shirt like CHAOTAO is high-quality t-shirt manufacturer you can trust in China.

As a large garment manufacturer, we will do a good job of automating any part of the process that does not allow for mistakes, which indirectly shows our commitment to the garment manufacturing industry

Because even the world’s top garment workers can’t maintain accuracy after completing tens of thousands of garment processing

This is the real stage for automated machines, which have computer-controlled tools that can reach zero error when set correctly. This increases efficiency and reduces rework rates.

Is it worth starting a t-shirt business?

The T-shirt business is lucrative because the industry continues to grow in value. The custom T-shirts are value market around $6 billion in global, and compound annual growth rate of 9.7% from 2021 to 2028.

How Much Does It Cost to Make Your Own T-shirt Brand?

It may cost you about a minimum of $1,000 to start a t-shirt business out of your home. But work with a custom t-shirt manufacturer, you may only spent a very small investment to start your own T-shirt brand.

How to Manufacturing T-shirts

To make a T-shirt, you need to know how to design the pattern, cut and sew. And you must be very skilled at cutting and have a cutting machine to cut multiple layers of fabric at a time.
If the order is small, you can use a home machine. However, if you really want to improve your production, you must have three types of industrial sewing machines.

  • An overlock sewing machine.
  • A flat seam machine.
  • flatlock sewing machine.

There are two departments that are essential to the manufacturing process: cutting and sewing.
With the cutting department, manufacturers can cut and make multiple layers of fabric at a time and then send them to the sewing department for sewing, hemming and labeling.
Manufacturers mostly use various types of industrial sewing machines to make more products in the shortest possible time.

How to start a t-shirt business?

1. Before starting to sell T-shirts, you have to make a plan to market your t-shirt business. Then find a high-quality custom clothing manufacturer for T-Shirt. Chaotao is a high-quality t-shirt manufacturer and factory in China. Our main business is custom design and manufacturing high-quality clothing, such as the t-shirts.

2. Design: send your requirements to us, if you don’t have good ideals, you can send us the picture of the T-shirts and logo/private label you need, then we can design it for you.

3. Confirm the type of your t-shirt: we can customize up to eleven or twelve types of T-shirts, and we can customize most of the T-shirts on the market. Such as the men’s t-shirt, women’s t-shirt and kid’s t-shirt, etc.

4. Confirm Fabric: like cotton, bamboo fiber, blended fabric, etc.

5. Printing or embroidery: use printing or embroidery for designed logo or pattern. Printing can be screen printing, digital printing, etc. For sure, you also can choose plain T-shirt, and make your own design by yourselves after your received it.

6. Quotation: Calculating your T-shirt printing cost base on your requirements.

7. Get the sampling: provide the sample of your custom t-shirt and send to you after finished, to check whether if meets your needs.

8. Mass make your own t shirts: we produce your custom t shirts base on the sample.