Fabric Cutting

Typically, garment manufacturers use manual fabric cutting for samples, which is much faster than entering codes into a machine, and CNC cutting for production, which is safer and less error-prone than manual cutting.

Of course, this is not necessary

It all depends on the budget and the actual situation, because the order quantity is too small we will also use manual

Fabric Cutting at CHAOTAO

We have three factories, two of which are fully mechanized and one of which is hand-made. This way we have the ability to handle both large orders and small orders for delicate garments

This is a very logical way of handling the situation, and we take care of both

Manual Fabric Cutting

We mainly accept custom-made garments, which means that the employees in our cutting room often have to cut by hand, and we equip them with the safest metal gloves that

Automatic Fabric Cutting

Our CNC cutting machines come in handy when the order goes through the production process and reaches 100 pieces or more
Not only is it more efficient and less error-prone, but it can also accurately calculate the most fabric-efficient percentage of garments.
Although our fabric scraps are used to make dolls or sandbags, we still want this scrap rate to be as low as possible.

Automatic Fabric Cutters vs Manual Fabric Cutting

Some of the main advantages of automatic cutting machines

It can finish fixing the goods steadily and will not be out of the set position due to the thickness of the fabric
Because of this, it is also better able to produce very large quantities
Automatic cutting machines use a laser as a weapon, which is more accurate and much faster than a blade.

The main advantage of manual cutting.

For small batches and single-ply fabrics you can choose manual cutting because it does not require much preparation time

Straight-Knife Cutting Machine – Cuts Fabrics and Costs

Automatic Cutting Line for Continuous Fabric

In the automatic cutting machine, we will have a cutting area called a cutting die, when the fabric enters this area, the garment will be cut into the original set garment pattern, which is the ultimate choice for producing ultra-large quantities of garments

The efficiency is to make three thousand pieces an hour, and we only have one of these assembly line machines in our processing plant to make sure we don’t get overwhelmed by the huge number of orders

Final Thoughts

Thank you for your interest in the machines we have in our company. If you have developed trust in our factory, you can contact us via e-mail. If you would like to ask us about our minimum quota, our minimum is 100 pieces/any size design or color, some special apparel we can discuss separately.