Naturally, it is necessary to have a few jackets during the fall and winter months in order to stay warm as well as to boost fashion sense. The following list includes 6 styles of attractive and functional jackets that may be attached using the technique to make fall and winter clothing more vibrant.

1. denim jacket

To show the youthful and energetic side of a young girl, it is natural to have a classic denim jacket. It is both practical and versatile, and not picky, suitable for any style of women.

Matching method.

① denim jacket + hooded sweatshirt: a very frank collocation, both to wear a sense of hierarchy, but also to highlight the vitality of young girls.

② denim jacket + dress: the two are mixed and matched, not only to retain the handsomeness of the denim jacket but also to add the softness of the dress, so that people can shine.

③ denim jacket + shirt: denim jacket is the king of versatility, with the shirt, can break the sense of seriousness, roll up the sleeves to reveal the cuffs of the shirt, is not lost as a fashionable choice to wear.