Industry people tell you how to find factories to cooperate with clothing

Although our factory will develop 1200-1500 styles every season, when some clothing and brand designers send private messages in the background: Can you send pictures or send sweaters to our factory to customize clothing

Today to share with you how to cooperate with the factory proofing notes it ~

Cooperation method.
①Select our own developed and designed styles
②Provide comments on the basis of our developed styles and make slight modifications
③Send sample clothes/send pictures, specialize in pattern making

Price positioning: the most practical and meaningful development communication must be based on cost price

The cost of making plates varies according to the material style, the price of each factory and the starting quantity are different First of all, we should set a cost range to inform the factory so that the pattern maker, craftsman with to be able to do a number, control everyone’s garment costs!

Ensure the quality of the factory: leaving aside the quality of the brand, not long; leaving aside the quality of the price, not practical

Therefore, ensuring the quality and experience of the plate-making factory is the first priority. Our factory has been engaged in professional sweaters for more than 20 years. Quality is definitely the foundation of our work for so longWe also hope to cooperate with customers who insist on their own quality requirements.

Communication efficiency: clearly inform the demand
Than a small amount, the factory is most annoying to change around, ambiguous customers, must be clearly informed of the needs Expressed clearly in place, the factory’s pattern maker, craftsmen will also be clearer ideas. If you are satisfied, immediately place an order to pay the deposit, the degree of rapidity of the order also determines the efficiency of the factory follow-up!

The shipping time of the plate: depends on the communication efficiency and the tightness of the factory’s plate room
Our factory has certain requirements on the minimum order quantity, after determining the style of the order, our factory is basically in 10 days or so out of the big goods.

Brands or or individuals with long-term cooperation intentions can first come to the factory to see our quality, production process, and existing styles! Communicate in advance about the development model, now the off-site cooperation model is very mature