The leather is light, soft, thick and hard, and the style is also elegant or tough. The combination of leather and style is the orientation of a leather jacket. A piece of clothing, made of very light sheepskin into a hunting suit or suit, will have an elegant and elegant texture, and if a motorcycle jacket is made of heavy horseskin, it will naturally be very tough. In many cases, the orientation of clothes is not curved, tough or elegant, but rather has its own emphasis between the two. Generally speaking, leather clothing brands have their own style orientations, and they will not be both elegant and heavy at the same time (it is difficult to do both well at the same time), so the brand and orientation can be discussed together.


Seraphin is Hermes’ leather clothing supplier. It can be said that the raw materials of seraphin are the top in the field of leather clothing production, and the craftsmanship is also outstanding. Seraphin’s leather clothing is loose and soft, although exquisite, it has nothing to do with publicity. More, It is a warm and free atmosphere. And then… Seraphin is also the most pretentious in the leather world… no lookbook… no online store… not even instagram, I feel like I lived 20 years ago

Sometimes I deliberately fold the clothes for photos to show their softness (pretending to be a brand without models)

Valstar is a brand that started out with a jacket that is named after their company – valstraino. Valtar took the A-1 as a basis, removed some of the overly tough elements of the military jacket, and replaced the thick American cowhide with thin Tuscan sheepskin to create this casual jacket. It’s a jacket that’s totally Italian, refined, comfortable, free and easy, but not overly luxurious and out of the way of everyday life. This is the characteristic of Italian clothing, A decent jacket for everyday .


Chapal is an old store that has been making leather jackets since 1832. During World War I and World War II, it was a supplier of leather jackets to the French Air Force. Although Chapal’s jacket has a military flavor, the overall texture is still elegant and romantic in French style. Compared with British and American flight jackets, Chapal’s leather is softer and more delicate, and the version is more slender. The color is traditional brown, blue, or tobacco color, but it is brighter and has a kind of extravagance. Of course, the price is also unequivocal.

World War I bomber jacket

Chapal’s leather is thick, soft and straight

The same is valstarino, chapal is wider than valstar

Stoffa is a cutting-edge and classic menswear brand. It seems a bit contradictory to say that cutting-edge and classics are a bit contradictory. It may be said that it integrates modern aesthetics on the basis of classic menswear style design. The shape of Stoffa’s clothes is still the foundation of classic menswear, and the specific design incorporates Nordic simplicity. The colors are simple and elegant, the materials are soft, and there is no excessive decoration on the whole, only the most special elements of the classic style are retained. And the craftsmanship is never fooled. Although there is still a gap with the top old brands, it is also a first-class level.

Cromford leather

Cromford leather was not called this name before, it was called General leather company, which should be translated as General Leather Company (sounds amazing). However, no matter how powerful the name is, it is useless. During the recession of the British manufacturing industry in the past few years, this old store also closed with everyone. Fortunately, the British clothing industry has picked up in the past two years, and they have also received some money to start working again under a more modern name. As a boutique leather workshop (it is really small in size) Cromford leather’s selection of materials and craftsmanship is very good, and the aesthetics are also very English, the color is relatively conservative, the clothes are tough but not flamboyant, the workmanship is in place but not too fancy , a Zhouzheng durable England leather jacket.


Similar to the situation of Cromford leather, connolly is also a brand that reopened two years after it closed. Then, it didn’t make clothes before. Its main business was the supply of leather upholstery for automobiles. However, I have also seen its vintage leather clothes. I think there are some businesses in this area, but it is not the main business. The positioning of the new Connolly is very high-end, and the quality of the leather is very good, but unlike Seraphin’s lazy and casual style, Connolly’s leather is often thicker and the surface texture is clearer. Compared with the softness of seraphin, Connolly has more is the feeling of softness. Compared with Cromford leather, Connolly is not so British. It has a European aristocratic temperament (pure British temperament is actually relatively village), but it still has the lean feeling of British clothing.


Dunhill is basically a brand that does everything, basic men’s products, from suits to pipes, from leather bags to jackets, it does everything, and they do it well. Dunhill is one of the few manufacturers that still retains the Made in England leather production line. As a big factory, they make a wide range of things, and they have various styles, including recreational locomotives, retro and contemporary, and popular and niche tastes. The advantage of this brand is that it often plays with uncommon designs. After all, it has a solid foundation, a wide range of stalls, and a wide range of attempts. If it cannot be sold, it will not go bankrupt.

It’s traditional English

There are any styles, although I have always hated big logos, but this one is quite suitable, it feels like a racing sponsor
Lewis leather

Lewis leather is also an old brand of motorcycle jackets in the UK. Motorcycle jackets are naturally relatively rough, while Lewis leather is not so rough and does not hurt the upper body and shoulders. British people are conservative when they make clothes, and Lewis leather is no exception. The fit version is not as wide as the American ones. The shoulders and waist are not as wide as the American ones. The hardware is all steel, not thick, and there is no decoration. Not at all. To be honest, I don’t like it very much myself. The locomotives have been built up, and I can’t let go of them. I feel a little petty. But this is also good. It is more street-like when matched, and many stars like it. After all, it is friendly to non-motorcycles.


Belstaff has been very popular in the past two years, mainly because many film and television works have been photographed, and a number of items have become popular. In addition, Belstaff is indeed a very good brand in motorcycle racing leather jackets. The version is relatively thin, in line with modern aesthetics, and the leather is relatively soft. Although it can’t provide a cushion for crashing like those heavy leather jackets, it’s not very safe to ride a bike, but it is indeed more comfortable to wear every day. Belstaff’s feature is still retro racing suits, the kind of clothes worn by the last actual racing star, which is quite heroic. Not like the texture of the decadent youth of the American motorcycle jacket.

Falcon Garment

Falcon Garment is a cutting-edge semi-custom leather clothing brand in the United States. The cutting-edge brand, it is naturally modern tailoring, simple style, strong sense of the city. As for semi-custom, it is to change the shoulder width, sleeve length, etc. on the basis of the existing version, and you can also change to different leather materials. More everyday, more comfortable, and a motorcycle jacket that is not too slim is really not a good buy, Falcon garment is a good choice.

Schott N.Y.C

Schott and Vanson, mentioned below, are two brands that can never be avoided when talking about American style. In the speeding party, Marlon Brando wore the classic image of the Schott 613 jacket, which established Schott’s position in the motorcycle jacket. Schott’s clothes have a flamboyant tough guy style, thick leather, and wide shoulder sleeves exude tough guy strength. The workmanship is not delicate, but it is solid enough, and the hardware is unambiguous and full of weight, enough to accompany you across the mountains and rivers and through the wind and frost.

Schott’s jackets are divided into several product lines. The only ones that are really worth buying are the perfecto series made in the United States, the original American tough guy style, and the so-called European version is just a low-priced second-class product that caters to the market.


Compared to Schott, the Vanson locomotive tastes heavier. All in all, Schott and vanson are about the same, not the best jackets, but wearable enough, durable enough, very American utilitarian aesthetics.

Vanson’s jackets tend to have more shoulder and elbow pads to better protect the rider in the event of a crash

The Real mccoy

The real mccoy is a Japanese American retro brand. Although it is said that the American retro in Japan is an imported product, the Japanese play no worse than the Americans. For this reason, the Japanese also coined a word-Ami khaki. Ami khaki retains the characteristics of American heavy work and heavy materials, and inherits the consistent fine workmanship of the Japanese, and also adjusts the version, which is more in line with the skeleton of Asians.

The real mccoy is known for its military replicas. The leather jacket is still in the style of World War II, but the thick waxed horse hide is used. The leather is brighter and has beautiful and unique patterns. Although it is said that this kind of leather is hard and heavy, the upper body does not touch the comfort. After years of wearing, the traces of activity will remain on the jacket, which is obvious.

rough texture

Motorcycle jackets also have a strong retro taste