MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) in Detail

If you can order regularly, we will reduce the MOQ for you, because it will enable our garment shop to reduce downtime. the MOQ is there in one aspect to reduce downtime. If you can order regularly, we will reduce the unit price of goods and MOQ for you.

MOQ Under 100 Pieces

A minimum of ten pieces per category or size is possible. But with such a low minimum order quantity we have to impose some restrictions

Printing technology will not use mass ink dip technology
□ The fabric must be polyester for easy production
□ The design pattern should be the same, (if it is a different pattern, our cost will skyrocket)
For short-term cooperation, the total order should be around 1000 pieces; for long-term cooperation, we can communicate in detail according to the actual situation.

Dye sublimation technology saves time because it allows all design modifications to be done digitally. The color, the placement, everything. And everything can be seen on the screen before the garment is made.

Another time saving factor is that all fabrics used for heat sublimation printing must be white. Therefore, there is no need to dye small batches in different colors and no need to lose a lot of time in this area. Regardless of the design, each fabric will have a white base color, and that’s it. This is because for dye printers, there is no white ink. Therefore, the only way for white to appear in your garments is for those colors to be present in the fabric prior to printing. To learn more about sublimation printing, visit the Sublimation Garments page.

Fabric Must Be Polyester

Polyester is the only fabric that can successfully pass the dye sublimation method. Other fabrics such as cotton have difficulty in maintaining the original color

Pattern Should Be The Same for Each Design

The reason that the clothes must have the same pattern and shape is that all types of costs, in low MOQ production, any process can only be done once. Only then can we get a mutually satisfactory price for your order, based on materials and time.

Total Order Must Be approx. Thousand Pieces (Short-term Cooperation)

Each of our orders takes time to complete, and time is considered a cost, and we need a certain number of orders in order to balance such a cost. Not only that. Each order may delay us from processing repeat orders. To check this risk, a total of about 1000 pieces is our fail-safe.

In a long term partnership with such an odd pairing as low MOQ, it’s best to send us an email to let us know more about your needs and situation and contact us now!

Essential Precondition

If it is a low MOQ like 10 pieces per style, we need the customer to think through the design beforehand, if it is already in production, we will not be able to change the style for you on the way to production, so you need to make the final design before production

Communication is the most important thing, especially in low MOQ cases, we need to make this step perfect from the beginning


As you can see, the most important thing for any question regarding our regular MOQ changes is time. We want us to have a clear communication to save the most important time only when we manage to save time, we can meet your requirements.