The essence is to take personal preference as the standard of clothing production and bring it into the whole production process. Compared with ready-to-wear clothing, this method is oriented to consumer demands and can well meet the individual needs of consumers, and is gradually becoming a more and more popular way of consumption.

Behind the gradual rise of the clothing customization market, the change in consumer attitudes due to economic development accounts for most of the reasons. Users are increasingly focused on the personalization and uniqueness of clothing, the pursuit of unique design at the same time to make up for the lack of their own body type, and in line with their own temperament and characteristics, this change in demand has made clothing customization popular.

According to relevant data, from 2018 to 2022, the scale of China’s clothing customization market is expanding, with an average annual compound growth rate of 22.9%; it is expected that by 2030, the scale of this market will exceed 540 billion yuan. This shows that, from a long-term perspective, clothing customization will become the main trend of future consumption.

From “what enterprises produce what users buy” to “what users buy what enterprises produce”, which means “supply and demand” to “demand-supply relationship The transformation of “supply and demand” to “demand-supply”. User demand dominates, on-demand production requires enterprises to manufacture more flexible and changeable, shorten the product life cycle, which prompted the development of clothing customization to personalized and flexible production direction. Such is the case of Chaotao clothing.

After the baptism of industry change, the brand of Chaotao, which has focused on clothing customization for 27 years, successfully transformed in 2021 and opened the road to large-scale personalized customization.

Today, Chaotao to C2M as the core, customer demand directly to the intelligent factory, demand-driven production, the Internet, Internet of Things and other information technology into the flexible manufacturing, one person, one version, one garment, big brand fabrics, global direct procurement, AI measurement, 7 working days into the garment, to achieve the industrial means, efficiency and cost of manufacturing personalized products, reducing the link from the factory to the consumer, while avoiding “high inventory and high shortage”, truly maximizing consumer demand satisfaction.

In order to make personalization benefit more users and make customization no longer a “prohibitive” thing, Chaotao brand established an authorized sales channel to provide partners with one-stop, year-round personalized clothing solutions. 2020, “100 cities and 1000 stores “The official implementation of the plan to promote the implementation of this strategy.

The seven major service supports such as intelligent manufacturing, personalized DIY, brand export, supply chain guarantee, marketing support, customer acquisition and attraction, operation empowerment and diversified services have attracted the trust and support of many franchisees. By the end of 2021, the brand has achieved a network layout of 23 provinces, 70 cities and expansion of 200 stores, and the brand awareness and coverage have increased significantly. In the future, the brand will make every effort to achieve the scale of 1,000 stores by the end of 2030.

New demand has given rise to new changes, and the wave of clothing customization has become unstoppable. Chaotao will follow the footsteps of the times, dig deep into the intrinsic meaning of personalized customization, and move forward to a sustainable and predictable healthy development under the guidance of a scientific strategic layout.