OEM Clothing Manufacturer

CHAOTAO is a clothing manufacturer that allows for complete customization. When you need to translate your design concept, packaging and quality into a custom-made garment, you can choose us. I believe that when you know how to make a garment, you will choose a one-stop shop like us instead of running from one supplier to another.

Our OEM Clothing Portfolio

Since 2005, we have fulfilled tens of thousands of orders and by now we have enough experience to customize any kind of clothing for you, including Lolita and traditional costumes of various countries!
Before you make a thoughtful decision to quote, we need to mention: MOQ for 100/each color and design

1. You Have All the Info

If you have already completed all the information about the garment, just send me an email and we will make a quote and other information about the delivery time for you

If we agree here, we will send you samples for your reference, we can accept FOB and CIF, if you think the delivery time is too long, we can also use the fastest logistics for you.

2. You Only Have the Design

When you have a wonderful idea but can’t turn it into a physical object, you can contact us and we will give you the best choice of fabrics and techniques

If you find it easier to refer to in kind, we can mail it to your address for you

Once you have confirmed all the information, we will prepare a quote and other details for you

3. You Need Help Designing Your Clothes

If you don’t have a detailed design for the clothes you want to produce, our designers will make suggestions and design them for you according to your requirements for a sample fee only

When you think the design is what you want, we can talk about more details such as printing, fabric and delivery time, when everything is agreed, we will start working on your garment

4. You Want Us To Copy an Existing Garment

chaotaogarment Chian Clothing Factories

Our production capacity is up to 100,000 pieces/month, because we have our own automated machines to make them for you instead of making them by hand, which saves you a lot of time!

Short and Sweet Chaotao Garment Factory Tour

Watch this short film about our processing plant, where you can see our employees at work

We Value Your Trust

If you can trust us to do everything for you, and we thank you for that, we will set a new quotation standard for our returning customers, and it will all start when we work together to the third order