Custom Hoodie Manufacturers

Custom hoodies are more than just choosing a print and logo location.

It is a garment and the customer can ask your custom apparel manufacturer for whatever they want.

Fabric type and size chart
Weave construction and process of the fabric
What type of accessories to use
Choice of colors and patterns
Brand label for the viscose bag
Design of packaging patterns

Any type of hoodie customization is possible at CHAOTAO. We are best custom hoodie manufacturer for many years. And, we offer very low minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 100 pieces of any size in each design/color.

Other Benefits of Having as Your Custom Hoodie Manufacturers

Last autumn, we  have new machinery that will increase productivity and conserve resources. In addition, we use a wastewater treatment plant to ensure that the water leaving our plant is not harmful to nature.

We are always looking to buy the best machinery that we can use to make all kinds of novelty fabrics.

Full Customization of Hoodies

You can get anything from custom patterns, from a wide variety of weaves to all the printed patterns and embroidery pattern options on the market.


custom hoodies Manufacturer in China

Screen printing (water-based printing, digital wide format printing,)
Heat transfer printing (offset transfer)
Hot stamping (self-selected flash)
Digital printing


Custom Hoodies Manufacturer


Standard 3D (also known as raised or puffed) Chenille Sequin Rising thread Cording

Leading custom hoodies manufacturer in China

We care not only about the environment, but also about our employees.
-Our clothing will be made of environmentally friendly materials and use as little water as possible.
-Workers’ basic wages are much higher than the national living wage, and whenever they work overtime, they will be paid overtime
-For more information about our factory, please visit our garment manufacturing page
-If you want to know the details of our factory, please come for a site visit!
Also, we have recently been contacted by some established brands who often request custom T-shirts and hoodies, so feel free to become one of us.