How to clean the down jacket?

First of all, there are two parts that you must pay attention to when you are cleaning. You should first pay attention to the label on the top of the down jacket, whether dry cleaning is allowed, how hot should the water be? Is it possible to bleach? In short, the label on the down jacket is very important. Be sure to read the notes on the down jacket.

I. Machine washing

When the down jacket is allowed to be machine washed, be sure to read the instructions for the washing machine and whether the machine has the ability to clean the down jacket.

II. Partial cleaning

You should give priority to local cleaning and reduce the number of times you wash the whole thing. Because the down jacket is washed more, but it will make the down jacket lose its fluffiness. If the down jacket is only partially dirty, it is not necessary to wash the whole piece. Because the general down jacket fabric are not afraid of water, as long as a few drops of collar net or washing spirit in the dirty place, after a few minutes with a wet towel dry can remove dirt. If one time is not clean, then repeat a few more times.

III. Cautions

Down custom manufacturers tell you, in order to avoid filling material by excessive alkaline erosion, try to use a small amount of neutral laundry detergent or detergent, mix with 35 degrees Celsius warm water, the clothing completely immersed in the washing solution for 15 minutes; put the clothes in the washing basin placed on the washing board or other flat, with soft brushes in turn brush clean dirt, can not rub hard to prevent the down knots, and then squeeze out the washing solution, but Do not force wring clothes; rinsed down jacket placed in a net pocket to drain, so as to avoid too much water within the down, too much weight, deformation when drying, to not dripping water, the clothes out in the ventilation to dry, can not be exposed to the sun or baking. When you want to dry, you can use your hand or a small wooden stick to gently pat, so that the down to restore the natural fluffy state. You can’t iron after washing, high temperature is also one of the killers of down.