The direction of the apparel industry after

Consumer beliefs and behaviors change at an unparalleled rate, and whether it’s film, fashion or finance of any kind, any company must take advantage of universal consumer insights to complete the update, and like a butterfly in an economic crisis with a flap of wings, the only business model that will take SHEIN to the top of the mountain is a fast one.

By catering to the fast-fashion attributes of women’s fashion itself and ultra-low prices, with a seamless supply chain, SHEIN has been the world’s largest fashion retailer since it was first established in 2008 and valued at $100 billion as of April 2022, following a Series E round of funding.

But when the chaotic ideas of consumers can’t keep up with the continued amplification of fast fashion, along with quality issues and various controversies that sharpen, everything bursts like a bubble, the last time it tasted such pain was in 2017 with WISH, the most downloaded e-commerce app in the US.

And now aware of the developments, SHEIN is transforming into an integrated e-commerce, which means SHEIN is shaping the supply chain for new categories.

The current trend is returning to mid-range products, and will regain at least some degree of popularity in the traditional custom design model, especially as consumers realize that the clothes they are usually accustomed to wearing only make up one-fifth of their closet, and their trust in clothing will return to a sunken offline store or brand.

Back to personalization is already the trend, and then through the modularization of the production field, reduce the negative impact of labor costs on the enterprise, you can complete the efficient mass customization. With the addition of various Internet platforms of their own, customers directly to the factory to place orders, eliminating intermediate agency links, its cycle can be significantly shortened. In addition, the customization model for small enterprises to avoid the risk and pressure of inventory backlog, but also a steady development opportunities.


Consumer personalization is the trend, but whether there is a real need to transform or launch a new business still depends on the depth of the business itself. But in any case, the strategic goal is to move toward networking and building their own large database of patterns. With SHEIN’s pearl in front of them, the importance of design speed in the apparel industry is self-evident.

In carrying out large-scale customization business not only need to complete the transformation of the manufacturing chain, the customer should also have a perfect port to provide a series of services, such as the official website of Tide Tao’s customization platform (

In short, the transformation of large-scale business is continuous, capital investment in the long-term process of transformation is also a persistent process, which depends on the ability of the enterprise itself

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